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История выхода новых версий

Версия Тип Список изменений
4.0.1 * cosmetic fix
4.0.0 + added "Check for update" feature
+ added "Start/Stop Automatic Updates Service" feature
3.2.1 + added "Detect WSUS Server" feature
+ added columns visibility panel
+ added "Start/Stop WSUS service" feature
+ added "Set/Remove speed limitation" feature
+ read and display windowsupdate.log
+ menu "View" could be used for hide/show panels
+ added "Reset autorization" feature
+ added "Check for update" feature
- deny displayed logs editig
3.2.0 - summary "Finished" sometime display wrong value
+ added "About" form
+ added "Wat's new" form
+ create normal view of main menu
+ added possibility select size of data seen (Byte, KB, MB, GB)
* all configuration data now could be saved to INI file (not in register)
* changed color of the selected line, for nice look
* jobs now managements by context menu, on right click of the mouse
* deny grid edit
3.1.2 * is a first version for public usage

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